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How To Stay Fit When Working An Office Job

Due to the advent of the digital age, most job profiles demand long hours in a closed, air-conditioned environment, with a screen in front of you at all times. Our bodies were originally meant for way more manual labor and physical exercise than they are subjected to in the 21st century. A majority of our […]

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9 Best Establishments for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair has been the most talked about issue in the recent years. Be it, men or women, people of a certain age tend to lose their hair. The hair loss issue is so wide speared that there came treatment to cure it. A statistical report says that around 60% of people especially Indians get affected […]

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A Checklist For Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been soaring in popularity in the last few years. It offers a new medium to connect with yourself through the medium of relaxation and exercise. Mumbai yoga classes work on this concept and it would not be a bad idea to avail their services. But if you are new to the stream of […]

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Know all about Skin Laser Treatment

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. It reflects your state of mind and is an indicator of your health status. One can predict how healthy your lifestyle is by examining your skin! Hence, someone has rightly said- your skin is the reflection of who you are! A great complexion reveals that you really […]

foot odor
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How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

What is Foot odor? Foot odor (also called bromodosis) is a situation which happens when your feet have uncomfortable smell causing by excessive sweat and bacteria. This matter may occur to any one of us but some groups are more likely to suffer include: teenagers, elderly, pregnant women, those with diabetes and heart disease and […]

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Major Health Issues in Women

With increasing age, women find a lot of change in their internal as well as external features of their body. Many aspects of food habits, hygiene, health, and exercise can affect a woman’s way of living. However, due to modern life, there has been a drastic change in a woman’s lifestyle. Also, there has been […]

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Get the facts about Ophthalmology

What is Ophthalmology? To put it simply, ophthalmology is the medical field that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specialises in eye problems, both medically and surgically. If you have vision problems, an injury to the eye, or another medical conditions that can result […]

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Top Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Skin You Might Not Know About  

Nowadays, the demand of possessing a fair skin is rather popular to both men and women. However, in the process of making it better, we cannot avoid some skin problems, and itchy skin is one of them. For every problem, to get relief, it is crucial to identify what exactly the problem is, symptoms of […]

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Why Is Beauty So Important?

You can run, you can hide, but you just cannot escape the fact that beauty is one of the most desired traits in anybody. People want to be rich, successful, happy but also beautiful! Let’s think about it. What are the thing that people really really long for? They want a happy life is what […]