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Customer Service Assessment Test Leverages Companies to Get the Best Employee

Almost all of you had a prior experience in having a conversation with customer service professionals. The extrovert, imperturbable and cogent professionals who promptly solve your queries makes the whole interaction easy going. Their composed attitude to a great extent tests their ability to hold out against any rebuffs from any customer. To some, the […]

Business Office

What Are The Pros And Cons of Working From Home?

Working from the comfort of your home is a very new trend, which is catching up with the world and the new workforce. As the professionals are seeking work-life balance that will let them enjoy the best of both world, this trend is proving beneficial for many. The companies are also adopting polices that are […]

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A Checklist For Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been soaring in popularity in the last few years. It offers a new medium to connect with yourself through the medium of relaxation and exercise. Mumbai yoga classes work on this concept and it would not be a bad idea to avail their services. But if you are new to the stream of […]