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Discover the Top 20 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made From Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic is strong and sturdy and it comes in many different shapes and forms. When you discover the top 20 low-cost DIY gardening projects made from recycled plastic, you’ll be able to put recycled plastic to work for you! Since it’s so affordable and since you will be re-using it (this is nice, as it won’t end up in a landfill!), you’ll find that it’s exceptionally practical.

As well, it’s versatile. When you use it, you’ll be able to get some creative and interesting effects in no time flat.

We believe that recycled plastic offers tons of benefits to garden owners. Now, let’s talk about how to use it to best advantage!

1.) Consider Decorative Garden Edging

Did you know that a lot of online retailers offer reasonably-priced decorative garden edging for superb prices and that many of the products that they sell look just like wood? If you want weather-resistant edging which will last longer than typical wood, you’ll find that choosing recycled plastic makes a ton of sense! It will endure the elements so well and installing it will be a total breeze.

Start your garden edging project by ordering the right amount of recycled plastic, wood-like planks online. Measure the dimensions of your garden border and then divide by the length of one plank. When you do, you’ll be able to figure out exactly how many recycled wood planks you need. Next. get ready to put your garden edging into place.

After you’ve installed it, you’ll find that it delivers the beauty and character of real wood, without the real wood headaches and hassles. Different, wood-like finishes should be available. If you don’t want to buy recycled plastic, consider looking for plastic around your property which you may utilize in order to create garden edging. It may be hard to find enough of it, but some people can.


This type of edging should hold up well over the long term and it’s extremely low-maintenance.

2.) Make a Planter from Recycled Plastic

Another option is turning a recycled plastic container into an outdoor planter. Just cut the top of a container off in order to create a wider mouth. Then, fill it with soil and plant your favourite seeds.

3.) Make Some Garden Ornaments

If you want to add a bit of charm to your garden, you should consider making garden ornaments out of recycled plastic. Create avant-garde styles which are sculptural and abstract or make garden ornaments which are more traditional.

4.) Make Pathway Edging from Recycled Plastic

You may edge pathways in your garden with recycled plastic which is molded into wood-like planks. Just follow the directions for garden edging (at number one on our list), but edge the borders of your pathway or pathways.

Brown EcoLat Lawn Edging

5.) Create Wind Chimes for the Garden

If you’re feeling arty and crafty, why not use recycled plastic in order to make wind chimes? You’ll also need some metal components which will hit one another on windy days and produce the chiming sound, along with fishing wire to hold it all together. You may paint recycled plastic is you want and this can be fun, as you’ll be able to select the perfect palette.

6.) Make an Herb Garden with Recycled Plastic Containers

You may enjoy fresh and tasty herbs when you place fresh herbs or herb seeds in a series of smaller plastic containers with the tops cut off and sanded.

7.) Create a Border for a Water Feature

If you want to make a border for a fountain or other type of water feature in your garden, such as a Koi Pond, you should know that plastic planks which are wood-like in terms of appearance will be a great choice.

8.) Create an Artistic Vertical Garden

When you display cut-off plastic soda bottles vertically along a wall, fence or trellis and fill them with plants and/or flowers, you’ll create something spectacular for very little money. All that you need to buy is plants/flowers and mounting hardware!

9.) Make a Garden Mosaic From Plastic Caps

Plastic caps from sports drinks will be great materials for a colourful garden mosaic which adds character and visual impact to your outdoor space.

10.) Make Bunny Planters from Bleach Containers

Plastic bleach containers may be turned into cute bunny planters with some paint, add-ons and creativity. Just cut off the tops and sand them. Then, add plastic odds and ends which are shaped like bunny ears. Paint the faces and other details on.

11.) Make a Garden Bird Feeder

Add seeds to a cut-off drink bottle after cutting a slit into it. Next, add a small plank of wood by inserting it into the slit and securing it. Fill up the bottle with bird seed and then affix it to something sturdy in your garden, such as a high wooden stake.

12.) Make a Garden Fence

A garden fence made from plastic bottles or wood-like plastic planks which are crafted from recycled materials will be fun, affordable and practical.

13.) Make a Watering “Can” from an Empty Plastic Container

If you want to water your plants without buying a new watering can, convert an empty plastic bottle by leaving its cap on and drilling holes all over the cap. When you prop the bottle downward and squeeze, your plants and flowers will get a nice shower.

14.) Make a Planter That Looks Like a Hedgehog

Cut a large plastic container with a pointed end, such as an empty bleach container, in a lengthwise fashion. Then, add facial details to the pointed end (with the cap on) in order to create a hedgehog’s face. Next. place soil in the planter and add a very leafy plant. The plant will become the top of the “animal’s” body!

15.) Use Old Tires as Planters

We know that old tires are technically rubber, but they are great choices as impromptu planters and you may paint them bright colours and layer them.

16.) Make a Plastic Birdhouse

It’s possible to make a birdhouse out of plastic boxes. Have fun with it by coming up with your own design and using household odds and ends in order to create a peaked roof and other design elements.

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17.) Make Owl Planters with Plastic Bottles and Caps

It’s easy to make owl planters that have plenty of folk art charm. Start by cutting the tops off of bottles and then add plastic caps as the two eyes and nose of owls! Make a group of owls for maximum impact!

18.) Create a Plastic Garden Sprinkler

If you want to make an affordable, eco-friendly garden sprinkler, you should definitely use an empty plastic two-litre bottle. Put your garden hose in the open end and then drill holes all over the bottle in order to let the water escape when the hose is turned on.

19.) Make a Garden Thermometer

Add an outdoor thermometer to a piece of rectangular plastic in order to create a quick, simple and sensible garden thermometer.

20.) Adorn Existing Planters with Plastic Caps

Plastic caps are often very colourful and they are great embellishments for planters. Glue them on in creative layouts to make planters more pleasing to the eye.