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9 Best Establishments for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair has been the most talked about issue in the recent years. Be it, men or women, people of a certain age tend to lose their hair. The hair loss issue is so wide speared that there came treatment to cure it. A statistical report says that around 60% of people especially Indians get affected by it.

The effect of baldness is quite common to everyone. There are several techniques involved to cure baldness but it’s costly and people ignore it frequently.

Baldness is sometimes the main cause of embarrassment. People often feel awkward in the various situation be it social or professional. Hair baldness creates a big fuss as people feel they are being neglected.

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Hair transplantation is the only solution cure the baldness. After the surgery, the hair starts growing and soon a person gets back his original hair. Sometimes the transplantation process cannot be carried by middle-class people due to its high rate.

Even though baldness can itself be made into a style statement yet people try to get rid of it. The hair transplant in Ludhiana is quite famous as the clinics are well built and only experience surgeons perform out there.

The baldness in the male has a certain pattern which varies from person to person. There is innumerable pattern to it. Let’s discuss some:

  • Genetics– This is one factor which is known to many. Baldness is caused due to a genetic issue. It has been a proven fact that genes do affect the loss of hair. Be it the maternal side or the paternal, the genes of any can affect the loss of hair. It also happens if a distant relative has the same issue. Apart from genes, it is pollution which affects the hair loss. The roots of the hair get weaken and the hair loss begins at a very young age. People get bald which is a real cause of embarrassment.
  • Stressful life and tension– This is the real reason for many health issues. Excess tension and stress can give birth to various problems in your body. Often hair fall is caused due to it. People both in their professional and personal space go through a lot of stress and worries. This has affected the health more. It also hampers the lifestyle and slowly a person starts experiencing hair fall which leads to complete or partial baldness.
  • Deficiency in nutrition– Baldness is also the reason behind deficiency of nutrition in the body. It is often believed that loss of hair can also be caused due to this. Proper thick hair requires a good amount of protein. People often suffer from a nutritional deficiency which is like less of protein, calcium and some different vitamins in the body. All these affect the hair making the roots weaker. Good amount of nutrition is needed to make the hair grow stronger.
  • Drugs– Even drugs causes various issues with hair fall. There are certain kinds of drugs which are critically harmful to the hair. Though we overlook is most of the time but it is true that excess consumption of drug causes a huge affect a very harmful effect on your hair. Drugs for thyroid are especially harmful to the roots of the hair.
  • Ailment– Different types of ailment can a cause a serious threat to hair. Ringworm is one such skin ailment which causes damage to the hair. It has been seen that pollution from this kind of health hazard affects the hair of young people. In such cases the experts’ advice to use parasitic shampoo to discard this pollution factor.
  • Issues due to our sheltered structure– It is often noticed that there arise various types of complications due to the sheltered structure. It damages the hair in the worst way. There are various types of illness which are caused due to turmoil in the human body.
  • Thyroid– One of the most common and genuine issue for hair damage. The thyroid is known as Hypothyroidism. This issue has been recognized to cause some serious damage to the hair. The various thyroid organs deal with numerous hormones in the body and slowly with time, it affects the hair.
  • The hair pulling disorder– People often have this habit to pull their hair. This is just a habit which is definitely a big problem affecting hair fall. The habit is known as Trichotillomania.
  • Pollution– The most common and known fact which affects hair fall. The high rate of pollution to which people are immune is causing a serious threat to their hair.

The various hair transplant clinics are taking care of every issue related to your hair. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is the highly popular in India as the best clinics are there giving the best treatment to the people.