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How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

foot odor

What is Foot odor?

Foot odor (also called bromodosis) is a situation which happens when your feet have uncomfortable smell causing by excessive sweat and bacteria. This matter may occur to any one of us but some groups are more likely to suffer include: teenagers, elderly, pregnant women, those with diabetes and heart disease and people working under high pressure.

What causes foot odor?

It’s for sure that no one wants to suffer this embarrassing problem. However, you cannot treat it without figuring out the root of the matter. So, which factors lead to odor? In fact, foot odor may be triggered by many various causes. Nonetheless, some outstanding reasons contributing to this issue are:

  • Bacteria: when you put off your shoes after a long day with many activities, you may suffer an annoying smell. It’s due to the presence of the bacteria named micrococcus sedentarius. This bacteria makes the compounds of sulphur and organic acids which smell like rotten eggs.
  • Fungal infections: infections caused in humid environments and spread from one to others.
  • Medications
  • Diseases: such as hyperhidrosis
  • Poor hygiene
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Poor quality socks or shoes


Although foot odor is not a serious health problem making you concern too much, it may cause some discomforts and embarrassment. You can definitely eliminate this odor by using some natural remedies. This article will suggest some easy home methods:

1. Salt water

The very first and easiest one in this list is salt. Medically, salt acts as a bacteria killer due to a large amount of mineral and moisture in its content. Therefore, this ingredient helps neutralizes odor and fights against bacteria parasitic on your feet.

How to apply:

  • Prepare 1/2 cup of salt, a basin of 8 cups of warm water
  • Dissolve 1/2 cup of salt in this amount of water
  • Soak your feet in 20 minutes
  • Perform before bedtime
  • Do this daily for two weeks

2. Baking soda and lemon

For long, baking soda is regarded as an effective remedy which gives you relieves for many health matters. In treating foot odor, baking soda supports to balance the pH of sweat and clean bacteria. Plus, lemon woks as an astringent to help eliminate sweating then gives your feet a great scent.

How to apply:

  • Prepare ¼ cup of baking soda, 8 cups of warm water, one lemon and a foot basin
  • Put baking soda and warm water in the foot basin then dissolve
  • Squeeze the lemon in this basin
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Repeat daily

Also, baking soda can help treat some other health problems, especially nasal polyps

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is widely used in many medical applications including treating foot odor. It establishes an environment of acidic which is difficult for bacteria to survive. Gradually, there’s no more bacteria and odor.

How to apply:

  • Prepare ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, a foot basin of 8 cups of warm water
  • Dissolve vinegar in warm water
  • Sink your feet in. Leave for 15 minutes
  • Do this once a day, perform every day until seeing positive results.

4. Black tea

The next remedy in this list is black tea. Loading with high amount of tannic and tannins acid, black tea helps clear bacteria causing foot odor as well as controls sweat glands. Therefore, you’re advised to add this ingredient in your treating foot odor list.

How to apply:

  • Prepare 5 bags of black tea, 3-4 cups of boiling water and a basin
  • Pour this amount of water in the basin then add tea bags
  • Let it steep for 10 minutes
  • Soak your feet in 15 minutes
  • Perform once per day

5. Sage and rosemary

It will be a mistake if you dismiss this remedy because of its awesome benefits. Packed with antibacterial and antifungal contents, both sage and rosemary are used to lessen the sweat production from glands.

How to apply:

  • Prepare 1-2 tablespoons of dried sage and 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary, a foot basin or boiling water
  • Add these herbs into this basin then leave it steep in at 10 minutes (or until it is warm)
  • Soak your feet in 30 minutes
  • Do this daily.

6. Ginger

Not only useful in the kitchen, ginger is also essential for curing some diseases thanks to its health benefits. Ginger can help detox the toxins and inhibit the bacteria from increasing, thereby it contributes to eliminate foot odor.

How to apply:

  • Prepare a ginger and a basin of hot water
  • Cut this ginger into thin slices then put on the basin
  • Let it steep in 15 minutes
  • Soak your feet then gently massage in 20 minutes
  • Do this daily before bedtime

7. Radish

The last one in this list is radish. Thanks to zinc as well as vitamins like B, C properties, radish is a relieve for you to get rid of foot odor and improve the skin on your feet triggered by this matter.

How to apply:

  • Prepare some radishes, a basin of warm water
  • Crush these radishes in get their juice
  • Pour this juice on the basin
  • Soak your feet in at least 20 minutes
  • Do this daily in 2-3 weeks.

In addition to those home remedies, lavender oil can help treat foot odor as well.