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5 Pro Tricks Which Will Make Your Home Ceilings Look Higher!

1. Crown Molding:

When it comes to a room with low ceiling every inch of the height will count. Embellishment and trim extend down from the roof; it does not look good when a roof is low because it will draw attention towards the low height of the ceiling, you could paint the trim and the roof with the same shades, to give the implication of extra tallness.

Crown Molding

On the off chance that you like the contrast in a room you can have differentiating baseboards or another accent to create a focal point.

2. Mirrors:

Mirrors are perfect for expanding light as well as space in a room. Mirrors can make space feel brighter on the grounds that they reflect the light around the room. You can create the fantasy of higher roofs by utilizing full-length reflective surface. Mirrors are astonishing at making the illusion of height.


These intelligent surfaces dependably make a room feel greater; however, this is particularly genuine when they’re introduced somewhat higher than common. Hanging a mirror specifically inverse a window provides maximum reflective effect in a room which will make the ceiling higher.

3. De-Clutter:

A spotless and sorted out room makes your entire space feel splendid, vaporous, and extensive. Abstain from crowding rooms that have a low roof. Everything in the room will add to that sentiment being enclosed. Utilize built-in racking, floor-to-roof racks, or decent wicker crate for capacity arrangements. Try not to put pointless decorative items in a room. This adds to giving your room a more claustrophobic and darker interest. Just show what you cherish and what is useful.


Make an occasional display of your most cherished things and change them consistently. Pick furniture pieces that have covered limit, for instance, footrest with drawers. Use a trunk as a bedside table to get drawer space. Exploit your storage space with an organizer system.

4. More Lights:

Do not use fans and roof or overhead lights since they attract towards the roof. A light fixture or drum shade apparatus can add an extravagant touch to any room; they can likewise be the guilty party and cut the roof stature down. When hanging a crystal fixture on lower roofs, pick a light installation that you can see through and that isn’t excessively thick.

More Lights

Anything that sticks out from an officially low roof will make the whole roof feel lower and, thus, the room feels smaller. Rather, introduce recessed lights that consume space inside the roof. On the other hand, you could disregard roof lights and decide on divider lighting.

5. Panels:

You can make the roof look higher by covering the lower 66% of dividers with enhancing framing. Paint the roof and the upper dividers with the same color. Consider painting both the upper part of the dividers and the roof with light shading, and use a darker shade below.


The reflection will make your roof appear to be taller. Some fundamental floor spaces in more seasoned homes have drifting roofs. Evacuate these and your room will feel taller. Vertically arranged framing on walls additionally strengthens tallness in a space.

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