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Cheval Mirror Basics For Getting Started Right

While many people have heard of a cheval mirror they often don’t know the basics for getting started with one. So we’ve compiled the basics for anyone interested in taking advantage of the many benefits this gorgeous piece of décor has to offer.

Frames, Frames, Frames

Of course there are many different frame options. And because the frame of a mirror can have a huge effect on the room it’s in you’ll want to choose wisely. A white cheval mirror is a common choice and since it’s a neutral color will go well with any color scheme. Other than color there are a few materials that are worth thinking about too. Metal frames can be quite intricate and add to the style you are trying to portray. Wood is another way to go that often comes in many different types.

The Best For Getting Dressed

Most people don’t realize it but cheval mirrors are actually designed for getting dressed. And of course this makes them extremely helpful for anyone who wants to look their best. Because they are a full length standing mirror they are large enough for you to see your whole reflection. However, they also have a special swiveling feature. The ability to swivel lets you tilt the glass to whatever angle you need so you can always make sure a specific part of your outfit looks perfect before you leave the house.

Choose Your Location

Where you place the mirror you buy can also be important. Since these are primarily used for helping you to get dressed you should think of putting your cheval floor mirror in a close vicinity to where you keep your clothes. Many people choose to place them in corners since these are areas that would otherwise go un-used. You may want to consider placing yours near a window to help reflect in some light.

Go Antique

With this type of mirror there just about an endless supply of vintage models to choose from. That’s because they have been made for hundreds of years so there are many authentic antiques around. When shopping for an antique cheval mirror, you will notice that prices can really vary so it’s best to take your time and do your research. And while local antique dealers may have some stunning models to pick from don’t overlook yard sales as they often produce hidden gems on the cheap.

This info and advice on cheval mirrors will help you to make sure you not only find the right one but also the perfect spot for it. For making sure your outfit always look fantastic and adding style to your home be sure to keep the cheval in mind for your next décor upgrade.