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Clear and Unbiased Facts Why You Should Never Ever Rely on YouTube for Video Marketing

YouTube is generally the most common website we all visit most of the times in order to watch videos be it for entertainment, education or for business purpose. And it might seem to be no-brainer to pull up all business your video content up on google mammoth video repository. Research studies have shown that YouTube tends to have a lot of drawbacks when compared to the other video hosting websites list making it ideal for you and your organization to host your business videos out there. Given here are the four best examples of why you should never rely on YouTube for your business video marketing process.

It Covers Your Business Videos in the Ads:

This is a common issue that is faced by all the YouTube viewers regardless of what would be covered in the ads when it comes to the business videos. A popular YouTube video would have one of the following types of ads:

  1. A 15-second pre roll ad that could never be skipped by the viewers.
  2. Add that could be skipped by the viewers after 5 sections.
  3. And a banner ad that generally appears at the bottom of the video viewer.

At times to this, there is also an advertisement that is being played before your video appears, along with the banner that appears underneath and is considered to be a major disadvantage for three major reasons.

  1. Driving away the attention of all your viewers if you are representing them with the sales or marketing reports of your organization. The tendency of YouTube of using all the materials related to your organization in order to promote ads could easily drive away all your potential customers who just by sitting through a bad movie trailer or another cutesy toilet paper decide that the ad is never worth it as it had to be.
  2. Second, you cannot see the nickel of the revenue that you have gained. You are paid for the video, so you could edit it, you could show it and are giving YouTube the opportunity to work for its own gain and benefits. For many schools and businesses, the trademark would not make any differences.
  3. Finally, you see that the business ads of all your business competitors are being displayed on your videos.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics Does Not Track Anything:

The simple fact that needs to be understood when it comes to YouTube is that it does not help you track anything. And you would here need to track all the unique visitors you have had for your video, the time spent in watching the videos, the number of clicks you have gained for your videos. So if you need to know any metrics beyond the number of viewers you have had for your video then you need to understand YouTube is never ever a solution towards it, as your team would continue to rely making uninformed decisions related to the video if you continue relying on the data of all the anonymous users.


The Comments Section of YouTube:

The comments section of YouTube has been reviled across the internet for being a repository of the dark side of humanity. Even YouTube would admit the reputation of the site for someone well deserved. We would rarely have videos posted on our blogs because as you might have noticed that the videos would have an ad on it. You would never ever want people to have an advertising done on your video especially if you are not gaining any revenue from it.


YouTube Driving Views to YouTube and not to Your Website:

Finally it’s important for you to understand that once your videos are shared on YouTube, then the traffic goes to them. This would again add friction to whatever your goals are whether to raise awareness for a social issue, to educate your students, or demonstrating your product online. So when your consumers show interest in your goals directly by visiting your website, then it’s much more a powerful demonstration of how compelling your goal is rather than pointing out a high view counter on the websites everybody uses.


To Conclude

YouTube cannot help you track who is actually watching your videos. So if you are actually posting a video to track the leads, employees or customers, YouTube would only tell you the aggregate data for your videos tying up the business goals to your video strategy. So what other unbiased facts would you like to add to the blog post above. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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