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6 Cheap and Affordable Ways To Style Your Home

scandinavian interior design

We don’t style our homes frequent enough. This is probably due to the misconception that styling and

decorating homes is an expensive thing to do. People tend to think that redesigning rooms require renovations and plenty of new furniture, which will incur a high cost.

Nothing can be further from the truth and we’re about to dispel this notion with some useful tips you can try out instantly:

#1 The Rule of Three

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Perhaps you’ve noticed that more and more hotels, offices, and showhouses start to decorate their walls with painting or photographs that have been split into three sections. These are called triptych, artwork that is divided into three panels. Having a triptych in the room makes the space look classy and elegant.

Paintings can be expensive. So don’t buy them, buy frames instead. Get your best scenery photos, or a nice free image, printed and split them into three. Now you have your very own affordable triptych!

#2 Create a Fake Headboard

Can’t afford a luxurious-looking headboard for your bed? Paint one!

Not all beds come with headboards. Looking for one that matches your bed’s design can be cumbersome, and a customized headboard can be really expensive. So let’s not proceed with headboard shopping. After all, why get a headboard when you can paint one and change the design easily whenever you want?

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#3 Reshuffle Your Decorations

Why buy new home decor items when you can use the ones you have? Perhaps that lamp in your bedroom will look good in the hall. Those curtains in your living room could be used in the study room.

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Look around your rooms, shuffle the furniture and accessories around. You never know what magic you’ll be able to whip up by repurposing existing home items.

#4 Polish Those Knobs and Handles

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Knobs and handles, especially metal ones, can make your home look old and dirty if not maintained properly. These parts need to be cleaned and polished on a regular basis. Polished and shiny knobs will make a huge difference to a room. Trust us when we say that it’ll make your home look like it’s worth millions of ringgit.

#5 Declutter Your Space

A cluttered space not only makes it look messy. Having too many things lying around makes cleaning difficult, resulting in a dirty space as well. Many people forget that organisation of furniture and belongings is part interior styling.

So get a few boxes ready and start removing things that are unnecessary.

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#6 Get Some Mirrors

Mirrors make a room look more spacious and brighter. Hang a mirror in the hallway or corridor to make the place look bigger. A mirror in the hall also adds some character to the space. They’re not expensive too, you can get stylish mirrors at an affordable price at the nearest IKEA store.

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