Plaster of Paris
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Give Textures And Designs To Your Ceilings

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is something which is used immensely these days in homes, restaurants, offices, malls, hotels and hospitals. They are used in almost all the types of constructions these days. These are the types of ceilings, which have too many varieties to choose from and people love it to use them.

The best part of plaster of Paris is that it can be molded into any forms and shapes. That is why one can make a number of designs and patterns on the ceilings of a building. There are many ways in which one can use this POP as a design on their ceilings. For example; if one wants to hang a beautiful chandelier or a gorgeous lamp from a ceiling; one can make designs around that part of the ceiling to highlight only that portion so that the lamp or the chandelier looks more gorgeous and everyone gets stuck looking at them.

POP can be used as designed materials for doing the walls and ceilings for office halls, board rooms, waiting rooms, dining halls, and even bedrooms. Plaster of Paris suppliers also makes POP which can be molded into different variations and designs. One can easily frame their ceilings or a medallion to demarcate them from the walls of a room. One can also use them as ornamental borders; so that it becomes a clear border line between the ceiling and the four walls. That is why it is a great source of the interior decors.

False Ceilings

In the case of false ceilings, Plaster of Paris is a very vital ingredient. Made from Plaster of Paris, the ceilings can be designed into any shapes and forms and one can do a lot of experimentation with this thing when they are forming a false ceiling. There can be many levels of ceilings, which can be created with the help of Plaster of Paris. They are as follows: Layered ceilings, Recessed Ceilings, Curvilinear Ceilings, Circular Domes and many others, which depend completely on the creative ideas which one can make out.

If Plaster of Paris is used to make a false ceiling; then there are many lighting options, which one can think of while decorating their rooms. One can also go for ornamented ceilings on which one can use Plaster of Paris paint and make them look very gorgeous. They can also use Plaster of Paris to make textures on the ceilings.

This Plaster of Paris is a material which is very adaptive in nature. One can add any colors and mould it into any textures so that it can be used with other materials to form a ceiling. The benefit of using Plaster of Paris is that it always gives a very smooth finishing to the interior walls and ceilings and it has a perfect matte finish.

The textured looks which can be given to Plaster of Paris is very trendy and according to styles which are contemporary. It gives the ceilings a very classy appearance, which looks beautiful.